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okay lets say I have this code to access a server/database and I have repeating variables and these are the repeating errors I have on strict. Variable "$VARDB_DATABASE" is not imported AT PROJECT.PL LINE 43. I get this for the other variables as well then Global symbol "$VARDB_DATABASE" requires explicit package name AT PROJECT LINE 43. Keep in mind this works with out strict for me. (paragraph)

#path to astguiclient configuration file: $PATHconf = '/etc/astguiclient.conf'; open(conf, "$PATHconf") || die "can't open $PATHconf: $!\n"; @conf = <conf>; close(conf); my $i=0; foreach(@conf){ $line = $conf[$i]; $line =~ s/ |>|\n|\r|\t|\#.*|;.*//gi; if ( ($line =~ /^PATHlogs/) && ($CLIlogs < 1) ) {$PATHlogs = $line; $PATHlogs =~ s/.*=//gi;} if ( ($line =~ /^PATHsounds/) && ($CLIsounds < 1) ) {$PATHsounds = $line; $PATHsounds =~ s/.*=//gi;} if ( ($line =~ /^VARserver_ip/) && ($CLIserver_ip < 1) ) {$VARserver_ip = $line; $VARserver_ip =~ s/.*=//gi;} if ( ($line =~ /^VARDB_server/) && ($CLIDB_server < 1) ) {$VARDB_server = $line; $VARDB_server =~ s/.*=//gi;} if ( ($line =~ /^VARDB_database/) && ($CLIDB_database < 1) ) {$VARDB_database = $line; my $VARDB_database =~ s/.*=//gi;} if ( ($line =~ /^VARDB_user/) && ($CLIDB_user < 1) ) {$VARDB_user = $line; $VARDB_user =~ s/.*=//gi;} if ( ($line =~ /^VARDB_pass/) && ($CLIDB_pass < 1) ) {$VARDB_pass = $line; $VARDB_pass =~ s/.*=//gi;} if ( ($line =~ /^VARDB_custom_user/) && ($CLIDB_custom_user < 1) ) {$VARDB_custom_user = $line; $VARDB_custom_user =~ s/.*=//gi +;} if ( ($line =~ /^VARDB_custom_pass/) && ($CLIDB_custom_pass < 1) ) {$VARDB_custom_pass = $line; $VARDB_custom_pass =~ s/.*=//gi; +} if ( ($line =~ /^VARDB_port/) && ($CLIDB_port < 1) ) {$VARDB_port = $line; $VARDB_port =~ s/.*=//gi;} $i++; } if (!$VARDB_port) {$VARDB_port='3306';} use strict; use warnings; use Excel::Writer::XLSX; use DBI; use Time::Piece; use Math::Round; my $t = "" . $i; my $dbhA = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:$VARDB_database:$VARDB_server:$ +VARDB_port", "$VARDB_user", "$VARDB_pass") or die "Couldn't connect to database: " . DBI->errstr;

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