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Hey Will, me again. Same problem.

Too much hype and not enough fact.

You want to atract interest and maybe investment? Stop trying to sell; and simply demonstrate.

Pick a problem. Write a piece of (non contrived; non-simplistic) Perl code that solves that (real world) problem; and the Benchmark it (the exact same script):

  1. Under bog standard perl (say 5.20);
  2. And again under RPerl running under (over; in concert with) the same version of Perl.

Publish the script. Publish the command sessions to run both versions. And publish a straight forward, line-by-line, textual, command line session to down load and install all the requirements of RPerl.

Forget the hype. Forget the videos. Forget fancy meaningless graphics and js-heavy websites.

One, simple, plain html(4) page of text that gives us:

  1. Where to obtain and how to install RPerl over a recent version of Perl.
  2. The script being tested.
  3. The results (actual timings) of the two runs.
  4. The command lines required to run both tests to reproduce your results for ourselves.
  5. A simple bullet point list of what constructs are supported (or those not supported if shorter). Now, in the current available version.
  6. A clear list of the goals of the funding you seek. (Bullet points that show what that is currently not supported that can be with more funding.)

Do all of that; and you might encourage people to look; to try; to access; and maybe, fund.

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