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Alas, mine is the slowest so far...

use warnings; use strict; use Benchmark 'cmpthese'; use constant DO_CHECK => 0; use if DO_CHECK, 'Data::Compare', qw/Compare/; my @GLOBAL_LIST = -5 .. 5; cmpthese(-2, { sortfirst => sub { my @list = @GLOBAL_LIST; @list = sort {$a<=>$b} @list; @list = ( (grep {$_>=0} @list), (grep {$_<0} @list) ); DO_CHECK and ( Compare(\@list,[0..5,-5..-1]) or die "@list"); }, grepfirst => sub { my @list = @GLOBAL_LIST; my @pos = grep {$_>=0} @list; my @neg = grep {$_<0} @list; @list = ( (sort {$a<=>$b} @pos), (sort {$a<=>$b} @neg) ); DO_CHECK and ( Compare(\@list,[0..5,-5..-1]) or die "@list"); }, pryrt => sub { my @list = @GLOBAL_LIST; sub sgn { $_[0]<0?-1:1 } @list = (sort {(sgn($b) <=> sgn($a)) || ($a <=> $b)} @list); DO_CHECK and ( Compare(\@list,[0..5,-5..-1]) or die "@list"); }, choroba => sub { my @in = @GLOBAL_LIST; my @sorted = sort { ((-1, 0, 1)[$a <=> 0] <=> (-1, 0, 1)[$b <=> 0]) || ($a <=> + $b) } @in; DO_CHECK and ( Compare(\@sorted,[0..5,-5..-1]) or die "@sorted +"); } }); __END__ Rate pryrt choroba grepfirst sortfirst pryrt 89602/s -- -26% -67% -74% choroba 120426/s 34% -- -56% -65% grepfirst 271358/s 203% 125% -- -20% sortfirst 340119/s 280% 182% 25% --

In reply to Re: Fastest way to sort a list of integers into 0,1,2,3,-3,-2,-1 by pryrt
in thread Fastest way to sort a list of integers into 0,1,2,3,-3,-2,-1 by haukex

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