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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use subs 'make_cookie'; use Getopt::Std; use Digest::MD5 'md5_hex'; use HTTP::Cookies; use SOAP::Lite; use XML::RSS; my (%opts, $title, $discuss, $readfh, $body, $host, $uri, $proxy, $cookie_file, $cookie_jar, $journal, $result); getopts('c:m:f:C:', \%opts) or die <<"USAGE"; Usage: $0 [ -m title ] [ -f file ] [ -c yes|no ] [ -C user:pass ] where: -m title Provide title for the journal entry (default is command name-based) -f file Read the journal entry from FILE instead of STDIN -c yes|no Allow or disallow comments (default is to let your default stand) -C user:pass Provide authentication credentials in place of (or in absence of) Netscape cookie authentication. User in this case is UID, not nickname. USAGE $title = $opts{'m'} || "Generated by $0"; $discuss = (exists $opts{c} && $opts{c} =~ /no/i) ? 0 : 1; if ($opts{f}) { open(FILE, "< $opts{f}") or die "$0: Error opening $opts{f}: $!\n" +; $readfh = \*FILE; } else { $readfh = \*STDIN; } $body = join('', "<!-- posted by $0 -->\n", <$readfh>); $host = ''; $uri = "http://$host/Slash/Journal/SOAP"; $proxy = "http://$host/"; $cookie_file = "$ENV{HOME}/.netscape/cookies"; if ($opts{C}) { $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies->new; $cookie_jar->set_cookie(0, user => make_cookie(split /:/, $opts{C}, 2 +), '/', $host); } elsif (-f $cookie_file) { $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies::Netscape->new(File => $cookie_file); } else { die "$0: No authentication data found, cannot continue"; } $journal = SOAP::Lite ->uri($uri) ->proxy($proxy, cookie_jar => $cookie_jar); die "$0: Error creating SOAP::Lite client, cannot continue" unless $journal; $result = $journal->add_entry(subject => $title, body => $body, discuss => $discuss); if ($result->fault) { die "$0: Operation failed: " . $result->faultstring . "\n"; } else { printf "New entry added as %s\n", $result->result; } exit; # Taken from the Slash codebase sub make_cookie { my ($uid, $passwd) = @_; my $cookie = $uid . '::' . md5_hex($passwd); $cookie =~ s/(.)/sprintf("%%%02x", ord($1))/ge; $cookie =~ s/%/%25/g; $cookie; } __END__

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