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Have you ever wanted to use a cross-platform pure-perl ftp client just to say that you do? What if it was primitive,slow,and buggy? Well here's your chance. I'm open to suggestions.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w - a very simple gui ftp browser/ftp client #version 0.01 - more to come! #only gets files right now next release will have a local file browser use Tk; use Net::FTP; use strict; my $top = new MainWindow(-width => 30); my %boxes; my $side_frame = $top->Frame( ); for my $box(qw/site username password/) { $side_frame->Label(-text => $box)->pack(); $boxes{$box} = $side_frame->Entry(-width=>'30')->pack(); } my $ftp_frame = $top->Frame( ); my $ftp_button = $side_frame->Button( -text => "Connect", -width => 10, -command => sub{ &ftp_it(\%boxes,\$top,\$ft +p_frame)} )->pack(); $side_frame->pack(-side => 'left'); MainLoop; sub ftp_it{ my $site = $boxes{"site"}->get(); my $user = $boxes{"username"}->get(); my $pass = $boxes{"password"}->get(); my $ftp = Net::FTP->new($site, Debug => 0); $ftp->login($user,$pass); my $pwd = $ftp->pwd(); for ($ftp_frame->packSlaves()){ $_->destroy() if Tk::Exists($_); } my $f_label = $ftp_frame->Label(-textvariable =>\$pwd)->pack(); my $T_frame = $ftp_frame->Frame( ); my $f_listbox = $T_frame->Listbox(-width => 20, -height => 20); my $f_scroll = $T_frame->Scrollbar(-command => [$f_listbox => 'yvi +ew']); $f_listbox->configure(-yscrollcommand => [$f_scroll => 'set']); $f_listbox->pack(-side => 'left',-fill => 'y', -expand => 1); $f_scroll->pack(-side => 'left',-fill => 'y', -expand => 1); my @files = dirlist(\$ftp); $f_listbox->insert(0, @files); $f_listbox->bind('<Double-1>' => [\&repopulate_lbox, \$ftp, \$pwd] +); $T_frame->pack; $ftp_frame->pack(-side => 'left'); } sub display_dir{ #convert information from the $ftp->dir command into file/director +y list my $dirlist = $_[0]; $dirlist =~ s/[<>]//g; my ($permission,$filename) = (split(/\s+/,$dirlist))[0,8]; #show directories as: <directory> if ($permission =~ /^[d]/i) { return '<'.$filename.'>'; }else{ return $filename; } } sub repopulate_lbox{ #fill up the listbox with files from current directory my $listbox = $_[0]; my $ftp_REF = $_[1]; my $pwd_REF = $_[2]; my $e = $listbox->XEvent; my($x, $y) = ($e->x, $e->y); my $file = $listbox->get("\@$x,$y"); if ($file =~ /[<>]/) { $file =~ s/[<>]//g; ${$ftp_REF}->cwd("$file"); ${$pwd_REF} = ${$ftp_REF}->pwd(); $listbox->delete(0,'end'); my @files = dirlist($ftp_REF); $listbox->insert(0, @files); }else{ #going for binary download for all files. #eventually i will filter out obvious ascii files. ${$ftp_REF}->binary(); ${$ftp_REF}->get("$file"); ${$ftp_REF}->ascii(); } } sub dirlist{ my $ftp_REF = $_[0]; my @files = ${$ftp_REF}->dir(); @files = map{ &display_dir($_)}@files; push @files, "<..>"; #make sure we can go up a directory return sort {$a cmp $b} @files; }

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