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See: The Tao of Programming, Chapter 1
package Tao::Book::2; # The Ancient Masters $master_programmer = bless \$programmer, 'Tao'; $master_programmer->spake(qq{ After three days without programming, li +fe becomes meaningless. }); # 2.1 { $old->{programmers} = [ qw( mysterious profound ) ]; { no B::Fathom; use Data::Dumper; $old->{programmers}->{ Aware => 'like a fox crossing the water.', Alert => 'like a general on the battlefield.', Kind => 'like a hostess greeting her guests.', Opaque => 'like black pools in darkened caves.' }; print Dumper($old->{programmers}); } sub Tao { print $hearts->{secrets}, $minds->{secrets}; my $answer; } } # 2.2 { $a = 1; $turing->dream($turing = $machine) while $a--; sleep 1; $turing->exclaim(int(rand(2)) ? $turing->dream($turing = $machine) + : $machine->dream($machine = $turing)); } # 2.3 { sub conference { return @_; } conference( ${'very large computer company'}->{programmer} )->report($manager)->ask( eval { $other_companies->{programmers} = q{ #!/usr/bin/perl sub'_{q;$;.$_[1].qq;->{$_[2]};.$_[3]}; sub'__{s[$][;$/'];};@^^=split$",reverse+q]sehtolc riah +]; $~=q-++-;$^=bless{};s;;_$^,$^^[0],q,length,,$~;e; __$^;s;';_$^,$^^[0],style,q>=rand(42)>;e;__$^; s\'\_$^,$^^[1],press,'=undef'\e;__$^;s['][_$^,$^^[1],q +,vintage,,$~]e; __$^;s\'\\;print; } . q{ $suite->(1/0); open SOUND, '> /dev/audio'; while($lame->{presentation}) { print SOUND int(rand(1000)); } }; } ); $manager->reply( q{ conference( ${'very large computer company'}->{programmer}, ) while 0; { package Tao; ('physical world', $programmers); s/life/accidental coincidence/; $allowed = 0; goto come; do { come: goto go; } if $allowed; go: $programmers->live(($programs, $care)[0]); $programmers->social_conventions() if __PACKAGE__ ne ' +Tao'; $programmers->{live}++; } } ); } # 2.4 { $novice->query( $master_programmer, eval { q{ $programmer = $_[0]; { $programmer->design($program); $programmer->document($program); $programmer->test($program); } if 0; push @{$world->{best}}, $programmer; } } ); $master_programmer->reply( q{ $programmer eq 'Tao'; goto beyond_need_for_design; $programmer->design($program); $program->crash(); $programmer->{anger}++; beyond_need_for_design: $programmer->accept(('universe', 'concern')[0]); goto beyond_need_for_documentation; $programmer->document($program); $programmer->care($others->see($programmer->{code})); beyond_need_for_documentation: goto beyond_need_for_testing; $programmer->test($program); beyond_need_for_testing: { $program; } goto mystery; { package Tao; mystery: $programmer; } } ); }

[ shh]$ su real

In reply to The Tao of Programming, Chapter 2 by Felonious

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