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Wisdom is best kept hidden from the mass populace as they will mistreat it, abuse it, twist it, and ignore it.

A foul philosophy. Elitist pigs never do these things!??

Lay your wisdom before the masses. By the responses it evokes you may find

  1. you're just a bozo like everyone else
  2. the disciples or acolytes that are ready to learn
  3. others who are enlightened too (see also item 1)
  4. the world is not ready for such wisdom - move to another plane of existence asap
  5. something else
You just dumped your tidbits of wisdom here for any random passerby to find. This was a good thing. You don't need to tell people they are too stupid to learn from you. Just start teaching and you'll scare them away real quick!

the master has no use for scholarly discourses because they are too far advanced for the pupil to understand. It turns into cargo cult programming.

Implying that a zen master would disapprove of cargo cult programming. This seems very wrong. Zen doesn't seem to elevate rational reason and understanding to such a height. Zen teaching would seem to have you cargo cult at times intending that your actions become you, that in doing good you learn the nature and details and essence of good. Note that no one complains of cargo cult programming when the code is unequivocally good.

Does beauty and elegance in code come from reason or from other faculties?

Teaching is the only altruistic profession left.


Teaching is not especially altruistic. Certainly protectors, healers, feeders, and housers are all just as altruistic as teachers: hoteliers, restauranteurs, police and nurses.

Age is a number maintained through life that we and others may celebrate our very existence at least once a year.

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