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I stumbled across a bit of code with the following loop in it:
foreach (@pairs) { s/\s*(.*?)\s*/$1/; . . . }
That regex sent up a warning signal in my brain.
  • Match 0 or more spaces greedily, followed by
  • Capture into $1, any character (other than a new line) 0 or more times non-greedily, followed by
  • Match 0 or more spaces greedily
  • Replace everything matched with what was caught in $1
Looking at it, I assumed the author was trying, albeit in a broken way, to strip out leading and trailing spaces. To further investigate its broken-ness, I wrote a small snippet:
push @strings, 'nospace'; push @strings, 'trailingspace '; push @strings, ' leadingspace'; push @strings, 'internal space'; push @strings, ' surroundedbyspace '; push @strings, ' spaces every where '; for my $wtf (@strings) { print "Before: '$wtf'\n"; $wtf =~ s/\s*(.*?)\s*/$1/; print "After: '$wtf'\n\n"; }
Which, output:
Before: 'nospace' After: 'nospace' Before: 'trailingspace ' After: 'trailingspace ' Before: ' leadingspace' After: 'leadingspace' Before: 'internal space' After: 'internal space' Before: ' surroundedbyspace ' After: 'surroundedbyspace ' Before: ' spaces every where ' After: 'spaces every where '
Which is, basically, what I expected. The regex is only replacing leading spaces... The things is, this code is located in CGI::Cookie in the raw_fetch subroutine (view the source here). Here is the code in the subroutine:
# Fetch a list of cookies from the environment or the incoming headers + and # return as a hash. The cookie values are not unescaped or altered in +any way. sub raw_fetch { my $class = shift; my $raw_cookie = get_raw_cookie(@_) or return; my %results; my($key,$value); my(@pairs) = split("; ?",$raw_cookie); foreach (@pairs) { s/\s*(.*?)\s*/$1/; if (/^([^=]+)=(.*)/) { $key = $1; $value = $2; } else { $key = $_; $value = ''; } $results{$key} = $value; } return \%results unless wantarray; return %results; }
So, is this regex doing something that I am missing, or is it a broken regex that was placed in a seldom-used subroutine that no one has bother correcting?
Can anyone shed some light...


update: Fixed a typo.

In reply to Weird Regex in CGI::Cookie by enoch

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