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#!/usr/bin/perl -w $| = 1; use strict; use Pod::Usage; use Getopt::Long; use HTML::Parser; use LWP::UserAgent; my $default_auth = [ undef, undef ]; # no hardcoding # my $default_auth = [ 'user', undef ]; # only hardcode user # my $default_auth = [ 'user', 'pass' ]; # hardcode user and pass my $domain = ''; GetOptions( 'user|u=s' => \my $user, 'pass|p=s' => \my $pass, 'file|f=s' => \my $file, 'code|c' => \my $code, 'read|r' => \my $read, 'append|app' => \my $append, 'prepend|pre' => \my $prepend, 'public|pub' => \my $public, 'help|h|?' => \my $help ); pod2usage(-verbose => 1) if $help; pod2usage(-verbose => 2) unless $file or $read; defined($user) or defined($user = $default_auth->[0]) or (print "Username: " and chomp($user = <STDIN>)); defined($pass) or defined($pass = $default_auth->[1]) or (print "Password: " and chomp($pass = <STDIN>)); pod2usage(-verbose => 2) unless $user and $pass; print post_scratch() and exit(0) if $read; open(my $fh, $file) or die("open failed: $!\n"); my $file_content = do { local $/; <$fh> }; close($fh) or die("close failed: $!\n"); my $new_pad = $prepend ? $file_content . post_scratch() : $append ? post_scratch() . $file_content : $file_content; if ($code) { $new_pad =~ s!<\s*/?\s*code\s*>!!g; $new_pad = "<code>$new_pad<\/code>"; } post_scratch( scratchpad_doctext => $new_pad, sexisgood => 'stumbit', set_public => $public ? 'on' : '' ); sub post_scratch { my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(); my $res = $ua->post($domain, { op => 'login', user => $user, passwd => $pass, node => "${user}'s scratchpad", type => 'scratchpad', displaytype => 'edit', @_ } ); die("Network error: ", $res->status_line(), "\n") unless $res->is_success(); die("Invalid page grab. Perhaps wrong username/password?\n") unless $res->content() =~ m!<textarea!; return parse_scratch($res->content()); } sub parse_scratch { my $html = shift; my $parser = HTML::Parser->new( start_h => [ sub { shift->{_get_it} = 1 }, 'self' ], end_h => [ sub { shift->{_get_it} = 0 }, 'self' ], text_h => [ sub { $_[0]->{_scratch} = $_[1] if $_[0]->{_get_it} }, 'self, dtext' ] ); $parser->report_tags('textarea'); $parser->unbroken_text(); $parser->parse($html); return defined($parser->{_scratch}) ? $parser->{_scratch} : ''; } __END__ =head1 NAME - retrieves and/or updates user's scratchpad =head1 SYNOPSIS -file [-user -pass -append -prepend -code] Options: -user -u user's name -pass -p user's password -file -f file to post (- for STDIN) -read -r returns current contents; no update performed -append -app appends file to existing scratchpad -prepend -pre prepends file to existing scratchpad -public -pub makes scratchpad public -code -c wraps entire file in code tags -help -h -? brief help message =head1 DESCRIPTION B<This program> will read the given input file and post it to your scr +atchpad. Simply specify - for the filename to read from STDIN. Your user name i +s required, as well as the password. These values can be hard-coded into + the code in the appropriate place if you know that no one else will see this sc +ript. If the username and/or password are not provided with switches and the va +lues are not hardcoded in the script, you will be prompted on STDIN for these v +alues. Also required is the file to be uploaded to your scratch pad, unless y +ou specify the read option, which will print your current scratch pad to +STDOUT without uploading any new content. Not required is the code option, which will wrap the entire file to be + posted with code tags; the append option, which will append the file to be po +sted; and the prepend option, which will prepend the file to be posted. If eithe +r the append or prepend option are true, two requests will be posted - one t +o retrieve the current contents of your scratch pad and one to post the +new contents. Make sure you spell append and prepend correctly, or else y +ou will wipe out your scratchpad with the new content. The public option makes your scratchpad publicly viewable by everyone +else. If you wish to make your scratchpad public, you must provide this switch +each time you update your scratchpad with this script. Not providing the public +option on any single script execution will result in your scratchpad being ma +de private. The exception is if you pass the read option -- no changes wi +ll be made to the scratchpad. =head1 EXAMPLES =over 4 =item backup scratchpad to an HTML file: ./ -user jeffa -read > pad.html =item post simple HTML file: ./ -user jeffa -public -file=foo.html =item append a perl script (assing code tags): ./ -u jeffa -pub -c -append =item prepend 'on the fly' STDIN content ./ -u jeffa -pub -f - -pre [type away - hit CNTRL-D when finished] =item append errors from perl script ./ 2>&1>/dev/null | ./ -u jeffa -p pass -pub -f - -c -app =back =cut

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