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The fact that for certain infinite loops, such as the one created from the same script I've given in a commented post below, prevent you from ending the process (this only occurs on Win32, the same script under Linux can be killed), I hold ActiveState responcible. I assume (correct me if I'm wrong) that this would be something to do with the compilation on WinDose. Yes it's probably to do with some stupid way windose handles processes, but again that doesn't stop the problem from existing and a work around being required.

If trying to get more Win32 hosting companies to install perl is a crime then I'm guity as charged. If trying to increase perls popularity is a crime then I'm guilty as charged. If listening to the only reason why more win32 hosting companies haven't installed Perl, and opening a discussion on it to find out what steps I need to take to get the problem resolved is a crime then I'm guilty as charged. If you don't think that this is good merit then what would you prefer? Me to start a campaign to stop people from using perl?
The bottom line is that if more win32 hosting companies are supporting perl then the whole perl community and Perl itself will benefit. The language can retake it's well deserved place as the internets most popular cgi scripting language.

"firstly it assumes that all Perl programs are run under the CGI and need only to run for a short time" - Please point out EXACTLY where ANY of my statements make this assumption. I don't take kindly to people putting plain stupid words in my mouth that I never said, so that they can try to have a pop. I spend my whole day working with perl, it's my livelyhood, not a hobby. And your tell me that some perl operations are not short, and not CGI. Really, no s**t, do you want a medal?
"Secondly what you are describing is not a bug in Perl" - Now if you look all of my comments, you'll clearly see that I AT NO POINT state that this is a BUG in Perl. I say that this is a PROBLEM when perl is running CGI scripts.
"failure on the part of the server administrators" So what are you saying. A administrator with more than 200 accounts on his server should manually vet, test and approve all CGI scripts that get uploaded to the server by a user? Plain ridiculous.
"and Script Timeout" Useful if the user doesn't hit his browsers stop button for the full default 5 minutes. Otherwise this will not kill the process. Same goes for apache on Win32 and Linux.
"you should create a small wrapper program" Finally a good point. Yes I've already been asking ActiveState about the possibility for creating this. My searches on google didn't return any methods. I get the feeling the wrapper would need to be in C++ where I don't have much experience. Then you've got the problem of informing every Win32 host about the wrapper, unless I could convince ActiveState to include it with their release.

Perl knows when it's being calls from a web server be it apache or IIS, the timeout would only need apply in this case. Seemed to obvious to post, but I guess some people need to be told.

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