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Actually, if I find 'serious.txt' only, I want the other threads to stop immediatly. If I find 'junk.htm', I want the other threads to continue and complete. Please advice.

Advice? Sure. Play with the code. Understand how it works and under what conditions the threads stop early. Then devise a way of conveying which of the looked for terms are stoppers and which are carryons. Then add logic to perform that function.

I seem to get "Scalar Leaked" error ...what could I be doing wrong?

Which version of Perl are you using?

That message used to come up a lot in versions 5.8.0-5.8.2. With 5.8.3 is became much less common but still happened under some circumstances--mostly avoidable if you knew how though.

I use 5.8.4, and I do not recall having ever seen that particular error with it.

I recommend 5.8.4 over 5.8.5 for threaded work simply because whilst I have 5.8.5, I have done very little with it.

I have not yet downloaded 5.8.6 and probably will not until AS make their version available, if they ever do. I took a quick look at the delta document and nothing leapt off the page as a "must have".

Certainly nothing that warrents me going through the process of downloading and building my own version. Followed by all the pain of downloading/ building/ installing all the extra stuff that AS add to their packages. Followed by working out all the stuff I've added to my installation through any of the half dozen different ways I install different packages from any of a dozen or so different sources.

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