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You leave me no choice.


A Tutorial should be easy and should be low level, specially if it is a beginner-tutorial like this one.

Yes, a tutorial should begin at the beginning. But that doesn't mean it has to be easy or targeted at little children. Of course, if this is indeed meant for young children, then I take back what I said and can only say it's a good tutorial.

I really don't think bringing idiot non-programmers to PM has anything to do with this tutorial. It's not the OP fault if it does. Anything in the whole world can bring idiots here, even the holy perldoc.

If we start having tutorials like this, we get another breed of programmers here: the non-programmers who think it's elite or cool to write a script that displays their own name in an infinite loop. This forum is already loaded with an overwhelming number of basic questions, and the total amount of time the less ignorant people, who want to help people, is limited. This forum doesn't have a special way to see before opening a node what level a question will be, so many have already left PM and no longer answer questions here. I haven't left, but I sure do answer much fewer questions.

I do think the OP of this thread is doing something that could damage the Perl community, exactly because they posted this on PM instead of somewhere else. There are already way too many tutorials that create bad programmers, and I thank random deities they're not on the best known Perl forum.

What? What happened? There are nice thing done in PHP out there, as there are nice thing done in Perl, Java and even ASP

Oh, yes, even Tcl can be used to create a big application in. It's entirely besides the point.

In any language, nice programs can be made. Even with a big stinking chunk of functions and lack of modern dynamic language features, like with PHP. However, the quality of PHP is not why it attracts idiots. It's the community and the way documentation is written that do that. The Perl community is often seen as an elitist community from the outside, but I prefer that to something that wastes human resources the way the PHP community does.

The ways of the PHP community influence how PHP is built. There is a reason that PHP does not have lexical variables and will probably never have them: it would be too hard to understand for the target audience.

PHP make certain jobs extremely easy to do and still runs with good performance.

Mediocre performance. And it makes certain jobs easy, yes. Jobs like calculating an easterdate. It's a nice templating language, though, except it is useful only for dynamic content. Before I realised that a web server specific templating language is stupid, I created PLP. Nowadays I want to drastically change PLP, but can't, because I made some of the same mistakes that PHP made. Fortunately, almost nobody uses PLP. Unfortunately, PHP is now the most popular web programming language in the world. I stress that PHP isn't good for *programming*.

Why Perl should be such a hard time to learn?

Does not have to be a hard time, or even hard. There should be something to filter out the stupidest of beginners. I think scrottie was right when he said:

PHP got rid of the most of the dimwit perl programmers who aren't capable of doing anything that can't be done by calling a function with some arguments.

The fuckwads that leave huge wreaking messes of code laying around their employers office for other people to clean up.

Those littering security vulnerabilities with such density that "hackers" now days hardly have to sneeze to uncover access to a site's database or filesystem.

PHP has raised the quality of the average Perl programmer higher than 10,000 bullets could have dreamt of. Even lining the most stupid Perl programmers in a row and getting multiple knock downs from a single bullet couldn't have realized those returns.

No one wants to feel like they're stupid, no matter how stupid they are, and PHP lets them live their dream of being a web programmer.

and by doing so I could had accomplished much more and then maybe be less-idiotic

I think you mean less ignorant, not less idiotic.


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