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Mandelbrot set inspired me to write my first obfu. I used the Hilbert Curve (as featured in XKCD). It takes an optional numeric argument on the command line (should be a positive integer less than ten, with a default of 5). There's no error checking on the argument, but the rest of the code is warningless under strict+warnings. I might write more about it when I need to procrastinate further. :-) Hint:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; ;$ "=q%ef%;$_ =q~my($i,$ x,$y,$p)=( 0,0,0,pop| |5);my$r=2 << $p ;m y@ i= ma p[ (1 )x $r ,2 ],1..$ r;subi {$i[$x ][$y]- -}i;su bp{((1 <$_[0] ?$y:$x )- =1 -( $_ [0 ]&1)*2 ,i)for -1,1}s ubf{my ($ p,$f)= @_ ;$p--; my@m=( $f ,3 -$ f, 1- $f ); my @o =( 3- $f ,$ f, $f,$f-2)if $p>0;($_&= 3) for@o, @m;@o& &f ($p,pop@o) ,@ m& &p (pop@m )while(@o||@m) }f$p,( $p&1)* 2;subb {y ,y4102,b#\ n, ;p ri nt }m ap {b fo r@ $_ }@ i~;y~ \n~~d; ;s&b&b &g;$;= 1; eval;# %$ _+28;$ x-=$y; my ($ pi )= '3 .1 41 59 26535' ;$ ,= 2*2**$ [; ;my@b= map[5x $pi],1 ..$[;s {} {q %S {$ b[ $x ][ $y ]= 0} S; su bp {($_[0 ]>1?$y :$x+=- 1+$_[0 ]^2*2, S)for(0,1) }suba{($l, $d )=@_;$ l--;@m =map$_ *4,5-$ d,3-$d ,$d;@h=map $_*4,$d+2, $d ,$ d, 3- $d if $l >0 ;{ a( $l ,s hi ft @h)if@ h; @m &&p(sh if t@m);( @m+@h) &&redo }}a$l, $l ^2 *2 ;p ri nt @$ _,$/fo r@b($x ,$y,$c )=qw/0 0* /;$l=s hi ft||4; $r=$s* 2* *$ l; @b =m ap [( '' )x $r ], 1..$r; for(0,1){eval[ qw/$x- -$x++$ y--$y+ +/ ]->[i$_[0] ]; $b [$ x] [$y]=$c;}@ m=split//, [q w/rdll urdruu ld /]->[i$d]; @h =s pl it // ,[ qw /u ll dd rr ul uu rrddl/ ]->[i$ d]if$l >0;@m= sp lit//, {q w/lrdl rlurud ru du ld /} -> {$d};@ m=spli t//,su bstr'r dllurd ruuld' ,3*i$d ,3;@h= sp li t/ ,{ qw /l ul ld rd rr uu lu urdrddl/}- >{$d}if$l< 7;@m=split //,substr' ulldd'%}e;

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