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Nice script, I just finished making it run on solaris 2.7
on sparc. I also changed the look slightly so that it
displays the username, pid, and command. Also, the script
now only displays processes the user running the script
owns. Finally the script refreshes the process list once
every 10 seconds. The only issue I have with the refresh
is that the scrollbar keeps reseting to the top, but I
haven't spent much time looking at it. Also, the
continue signal doesn't work


The code is posted below:

NOTE:perl is located in a strange location on my machine
please change to where ever it's located on your machine.

#!/local/gnu/bin/perl -w # # # Interactive process killer utilizing the Tk GUI toolkit. # Uses the system's "ps" command to get a list of the currently-runnin +g processes, # and the system's "kill" command to send them signals. # # My machine's "ps", when run with "ps ux", gives output like the foll +owing: # USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START TIME COMMA +ND # falkkin 531 0.0 1.4 2316 1380 tty1 S 08:53 0:00 -bash # # On Solaris 2.7 "ps -Af" output looks like: # UID PID PPID C STIME TTY TIME CMD # root 0 0 0 03:02:12 ? 0:00 sched # baw 21539 16592 0 08:53:12 pts/7 0:00 tcsh # baw 16914 1 4 08:07:46 ? 4:16 /local/comm476/netscape # Please note that there is whitespace before the username # # My machine's "kill" is of the form "kill -s $signal $pid". # Supported signals include TERM, STOP, CONT, INT, HUP, and KILL. # # You'll need to modify this script if your "ps" command formats outpu +t differently # or your "kill" command has different syntax. # Eventually, I hope to make this script more portable. # # Authored by Colin McMillen (e-mail: colin at and +released # into the public domain. You may use, copy, redistribute, and modify +this program # without any restrictions. # # use strict; use Tk; my $VERSION = v0.1; # Choose the options to send to "ps". Defaults to "ps ux". # BAW - Solaris 2.7 on SPARC's ps doesn't support ps ux, changed to ps + -Af my $PS_OPTIONS = $ARGV[0] || "-Af"; # Index (starting from 0) of the fields for process ID and command nam +e. # BAW - Added support for showing only your processes my $OWNER = 1; my $PID_FIELD = 2; my $COMMAND_FIELD = 8; my $USERNAME = getpwuid $<; # Create the main window and add an informational label. my $top = MainWindow->new(); $top->title(""); $top->Label(text => "Double-click on the process you would like to kil +l.")->pack(); # Create a frame to hold the process list and its scrollbar. my $frame1 = $top->Frame()->pack(fill => "both", expand => "y"); # Get the actual process list and discard the first line of output (wh +ich # contains informational headers that we want to ignore). my @processes = `ps $PS_OPTIONS`; shift @processes; # Use the process list to create a listbox. Add the listbox to $frame1 +. my $process_list = $frame1->Listbox(width => 80, height => 15)->pack(side => "left" +, fill => "both" +, expand => "y") +; # Split each line of output into fields, based on whitespace. Then, ge +t the # process ID and command name out of the fields, and add them to the l +istbox. # BAW - Changed output format to USER PID COMMAND foreach my $process (@processes) { my (@fields) = split(/\s+/, $process); my $pid = $fields[$PID_FIELD]; my $owner = $fields[$OWNER]; my @command = @fields[ $COMMAND_FIELD .. @fields-1 ]; my $command = join(" ", @command); # BAW - Show only my processes unless($owner eq $USERNAME){ next; } $process_list->insert("end","$owner $pid $command"); } # Bind a double-click on the listbox to the kill() subroutine. $process_list->bind("<Double-1>", \&kill); # Create a scrollbar to scroll the listbox vertically and add it to $f +rame1. my $scrollbar = $frame1->Scrollbar(orient => "vertical", width => 10, command => ["yview", $process_list] +, )->pack(side => "left", fill => "y" +); $process_list->configure(yscrollcommand => ["set", $scrollbar]); # Create a frame to hold radiobuttons for choosing a signal. my $frame2 = $top->Frame()->pack(); # Create the radiobuttons inside $frame2. $frame2->Label(text => "Choose a signal:")->pack(side => "left"); my $signal = "TERM"; $frame2->Radiobutton(variable => \$signal, text => "Terminate", value => "TERM")->pack(side => "left"); $frame2->Radiobutton(variable => \$signal, text => "Stop", value => "STOP")->pack(side => "left"); $frame2->Radiobutton(variable => \$signal, text => "Continue", value => "CONT")->pack(side => "left"); $frame2->Radiobutton(variable => \$signal, text => "Interrupt", value => "INT")->pack(side => "left"); $frame2->Radiobutton(variable => \$signal, text => "Hangup", value => "HUP")->pack(side => "left"); $frame2->Radiobutton(variable => \$signal, text => "Kill", value => "KILL")->pack(side => "left"); # BAW - Refresh the PS list every 10 seconds $process_list->repeat(10000,\&refresh_list); # Hand control of the program off to the GUI. MainLoop(); # Subroutine called when a field in the listbox is double-clicked. # The process ID of the process is the first field in the listbox's ac +tive item. # The signal to send the process is set by the radiobuttons and stored + in # the variable $signal. sub kill { my $process = $process_list->get('active'); my $trash; my $pid; ($trash, $pid) = split(/ /, $process); return unless $pid; system("kill -s $signal $pid"); } # BAW - The callback routine for the repeat method # BAW - Redraws the listbox with updated ps info sub refresh_list{ $process_list->delete(0, 'end'); my @processes = `ps $PS_OPTIONS`; shift @processes; foreach my $process (@processes) { my(@fields) = split(/\s+/, $process); my $pid = $fields[$PID_FIELD]; my $owner = $fields[$OWNER]; my @command = @fields[ $COMMAND_FIELD .. @fields-1 ]; my $command = join(" ", @command); unless($owner eq $USERNAME){ next; } $process_list->insert("end","$owner $pid $command"); } }

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