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I a having Dr. Watson errors when using Win32::API. I have the following script function.
sub make_connection_to_job_controller($){ my($con_id) = @_; $job_controller_connection = new Win32::API('rlqs','rlqs_sender_co +nnect',[P],'I'); if(not defined $job_controller_connection){ die "\nCan't import API job_controller_connection: $!\n"; } $return_value_connect = $job_controller_connection->Call($con_id); if(!$return_value_connect){ die "\nSomething went wrong with connection.\nHere are the val +ues for return_value= $return_value\n"; } else{ print"\nSeems that the connection is made.\n"; print$return_value_connect; return $return_value; } }#end of make_connection_to_job_controller
I call the above function with this in a different file.
my $test=&make_connection_to_job_controller($connection);
When I run the file that makes the call to the function above I get a Dr. Watson Message after the $return_value_connect = $job_controller_connection->Call($con_id); is made and the program terminates. The DR. Watson error is as follows. Perl.exe Exception: access violation (0xc000005),Address;0x2893bb2e. and it never creates an application log entry. Does anyone have any Idea on how to fix this problem? I went through like a good coder and fixed all of the warnings now the program just fails. Have I missed something? I am using This is perl, v5.6.1 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread build from active state and the Win32::API from the same place. Thanks in advance Humble perl guy. Brett

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