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Well, I'm not much of a golfer, but here is a proof of concept (at a whopping 258 strokes) that goes up to 999 nonillion... using spelling in Lingua::EN::Numbers (limiting to 0..99 is too boring)

# Update: 222 strokes by using a bareword and (for the fun of it) supp +ort up to undecillion 10^36 (costs no extra chars due to bareword tri +ck) for f in 0 4 12 99 1024 1000024 999999999999999999999999999999999; do +echo $f | \ perl -E'@x=a33544355436688779880066555766=~/./g;$_=<>;chop;while(($a=$ +_)-4){split//,b999aabb87780;$x=4*!$_;$x+=hex(pop@_)*!!-$&+!!$1*($x[$1 +]+7)+$x[$2+20]+$x[$3]while s/(.??)([^1]?)(1?.)$//;say"$a is $x.";$_=$ +x}say"4 is magic."' ; \ echo; done # Update: 224 strokes by including the suggested =~/./g shortcut and m +oving output around a bit perl -E'@x="033544355436688779880066555766"=~/./g;$_=<>;chop;while(($a +=$_)-4){split//,"99aabb87780";$x=4*!$_;$x+=hex(pop@_)*!!-$&+!!$1*($x[ +$1]+7)+$x[$2+20]+$x[$3]while s/(.??)([^1]?)(1?.)$//;say"$a is $x.";$_ +=$x}say"4 is magic."' # Update: 229 strokes by moving some conditionals into the regex perl -E'@x=split//,"033544355436688779880066555766";$_=<>;chop;print;w +hile($_-4){split//,"99aabb87780";$x=4*!$_;$x+=hex(pop@_)*!!-$&+!!$1*( +$x[$1]+7)+$x[$2+20]+$x[$3]while s/(.??)([^1]?)(1?.)$//;say" is $x.";p +rint$_=$x}say" is magic."' # Update: Ah, ha! 239 strokes: !!-$& will do it perl -E'@x=split//,"0335443554366887798866555766";$_=<>;chop;print;whi +le($_-4){split//,"99aabb87780";$x=4*!$_;$x+=hex(pop@_)*!!-$&+!!$1*($x +[$1]+7)+($2>1?$x[$2+18]+$x[$3]:$x[$2.$3])while s/(.??)(.?)(.)$//;say" + is $x.";print$_=$x}say" is magic."' # Update: 242 strokes, and works :), stealing some ideas from haarg & +thundergnat perl -E'@x=split//,"0335443554366887798866555766";$_=<>;chop;print;whi +le($_-4){split//,"99aabb87780";$x=4*!$_;$x+=hex(pop@_)*!!(0+$&)+!!$1* +($x[$1]+7)+($2>1?$x[$2+18]+$x[$3]:$x[$2.$3])while s/(.??)(.?)(.)$//;s +ay" is $x.";print$_=$x}say" is magic."' # Update: Down to 258 strokes perl -E'@x=split//,"0335443554366887798866555766";$_=<>;chop;print;whi +le($_!=4){split//,"99aabb87780";$_?do{$x=0;while(s/(.??)(.?)(.)$//){$ +x+=hex(pop@_)*(0+$&?1:0)+($1?$x[$1]+7:0)+($2>1?$x[$2+18]+$x[$3]:$x[$2 +.$3])}}:($x=4);say" is $x.";print$_=$x}say" is magic."' # 261 strokes: perl -E'@x=split//,"0335443554366887798866555766";$_=<>;chop;print;whi +le($_!=4){@m=split//,"99aabb87780";$_?do{$x=0;while(s/(.??)(.?)(.)$// +){$x+=hex(pop@m)*(0+$&?1:0)+($1?$x[$1]+7:0)+($2>1?$x[$2+18]+$x[$3]:$x +[$2.$3])}}:($x=4);say" is $x.";print$_=$x}say" is magic."' 999999999999999999999999999999999 is 321. 321 is 21. 21 is 9. 9 is 4. 4 is magic.

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