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this is the code i've been trying to execute. A lot of it conributed by roboticus in a previous post.
$mr_date = localtime(); open FS, ">mmonthlyfancy.doc" or die "Can't open file"; format FS = @<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< @#### @<< @<< @# @###### @##### @<<<< +<<<<<< Rs.@####.## ~ $consname, $consno, $subdvn, $tow, $phase, $chequeno, $receiptno, $dat +e, $amount . format FS_TOP = @|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Pg @< "MONTHLY METER WORKS REPORT", $% Date @<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< $mr_date Consumer name CN. Sub. TOW Ph. RN Date Amt. ------------- ---- ---- --- --- ------- ---- ---- ---- . format TOTAL= ------------------------------------------------------------ + Rs.@########.## $fb_rp_1_tot + Signature . open(MI,"<mmonthlyinputt.txt"); @mr_rows = <MI>; close(MI); $fb_rp_1_tot = 0; $fbqty1= 0; foreach (@mr_rows) { chop(); ($consname, $consno, $subdvn, $tow, $phase, $chequeno, $receiptno, $date, $amount) = (split(/!/)); $consname = "" if !defined($consname); $consno = 0 if !defined($consno); $subdvn = "" if !defined($subdvn); $tow = "" if !defined($tow); $phase = "" if !defined($phase); $chequeno = 0 if !defined($chequeno); $receiptno = 0 if !defined($receiptno); $date = "" if !defined($date); $amount= 0 if !defined($amount); $sub1='FB'; $tow1='RP'; $ph1='1'; if (($subdvn eq $sub1) && ($tow eq $tow1) && ($phase eq $ph1)) { write(FS); $fb_rp_1_tot += $amount; $fbqty1 = $fbqty1 + 1; } } my $dofh = select(FS); $~ = "TOTAL"; select($dofh); write(FS); close(FS);
I keep getting this error (ugh)
Format not terminated at C:\Perl\programs\format line 92, at e +nd of line syntax error at C:\Perl\programs\format line 92, at EOF Execution of C:\Perl\programs\format aborted due to compilatio +n errors.
What is causing the problem? Thanks in advance


In reply to Question on format statement by perl_seeker

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