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I like this JAPH alot.
# # use strict or die # use strict; # # this is the command we use to start working on @_ in the s///e # my$s=';pop'; # # set $_ to be empty to start with # $_=''; # # a comment # # 59 /e, 2001 Philippe "BooK" Bruhat # # ??? # *_=*ARGV; # # set up @_ to contain our list of japh commands # @_=qw(4a4a2bfe01ac410d0105f4fd0dae30150dfab448f90208fa0d98 pop print+c +hr(shift) print+chr(shift) unshift@_,(shift()+shift())x2 push@_,(pop, +pop)x24 print+join"\n",@_; unshift@_,(map{unpack'c',$_}split//)[0..25 +] ; s/../chr(hex$&)/eg $_=substr(shift,0,52) @_=map{s|$|$s|s;$_}@_;po +p); # # start the chain of evals # s//$s/eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee;
A breakdown of what the eval does (a JAPH in itself):

# # first we do the pop as stored in $s # pop(@_); # # the pop'ed command adds ";pop" to the end of each element of @_, the +n pops the next command off the @_ array # @_=map{s|$|$s|s;$_}@_; pop(@_); # # set $_ to "4a4a2bfe01ac410d0105f4fd0dae30150dfab448f90208fa0d98" and + pop # $_=substr(shift(@_),0,52); pop(@_); # # Transform each pair of hex digits into a character and pop # s/../chr(hex$&)/eg; pop(@_); # # pop # ;;pop(@_); # # unpack each of the first 25 characters in $_ and unshift them on to +the beginning of $_ and pop # unshift@_,(map{unpack'c',$_}split//)[0..25]; pop(@_); # # pop # ;;pop(@_); # # take the last 2 elements from $_ and put them back on the beginning +again. do this 24 times (so there should be 26 pairs of these command +s in all). then pop # push(@_,(pop(@_),pop(@_))x24); pop(@_); # # do these commands 26 times: # take two chars from @_, add them, put them back on @_ and then remov +e and print them # unshift(@_,((shift(@_)+shift(@_))x2)); pop(@_); print(chr(shift(@_))); pop(@_); # # finally print the last character # print chr(shift(@_)); pop(@_); # # and do some more pop'ing # pop(@_); pop(@_);

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