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Hi All, I used wind's method but with slight modifications as below
##########################prints unique and sorted salary use strict; use warnings; my %hash; open my $fh, '<', 'abc.txt' or die $!; while (<$fh>) { chomp; my ($key, $val , $val1) = split '\|'; $hash{$val1}++; } print "$_\n" for sort keys %hash; ----abc.txt------ P|PERL|50000 Paa|JAVA|20000 Poo|VB|10000 AB|SAN|20000 ABCD|CSS|500 PQRS|HTML|200 --The output is-- 10000 200 20000 500 50000
Though i sorted and printed the unique values,the issue is maybe we may want to print it like
50000 20000 10000 500 200
But according to "Perl in 21 days" sort only compares the first digit/letter and sorts accordingly. For printing the above specified output we may want to write a subroutine which compares two values and then swaps them and prints the output. And one more thing, we are not allowed to install CPAN modules in our firm,as we have restricted access.So whatever we do we have to use existing functions and code.

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