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Could anyone tell me why this script will not edit the entries from my flat-file database? In my browser I always get to the "records modified" page, however nothing is changed in the DB.
#!/usr/local/bin/perl use CGI; my $query =new CGI; my $guest_file = "/cgi-bin/data/igb-data.ais"; &print_page_start; if ($query->param()) { if ($query->param('new_name')) { if (&valid_form) { eval { open (GUESTS, "+>> $guest_file") or die "Can't open $guest_file: $!"; flock GUESTS, 2; seek GUESTS, 0, 0; my @guests = <GUESTS>; my @new_guests = (); foreach $guest (@guests) { chomp $guest; ($name, $email, $comments) = split ('\|\|'), $guest; if ($name eq $query->param('name') && $email eq $query->param('email') && $comments eq $query->param('comments')) { $name = $query->param('new_name'); $email = $query->param('new_email'); $comments = $query->param('new_comments'); $guest = "$name||$email||$comments"; } local $/ = local $\ = local $, = "vroom"; push @new_guests, $guest; } seek GUESTS, 0,0; truncate GUESTS, 0; print GUESTS @new_guests; close GUESTS; print "<P>Record(s) modified.</P>\n"; print "<A HREF=\"\">Retrieve records.</A>\n"; } } else { &print_form; } } else { &print_form; } } else { &print_record_list; } chomp $@; if ($@) { print "ERROR: $@<BR>\n"; } &print_page_end; sub print_page_start { print $query->header; print "<HTML>\n<HEAD>\n<TITLE>Modify Records</TITLE>\n"; print "</HEAD>\n<BODY>\n"; print "<H1>Modify Records</H1>\n"; } sub print_form { print "<P>\n<FORM>\n"; if (!$query->param()) { print "Name: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_name\"><BR>\n"; print "Email: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_email\"><BR>\n"; print "Comments: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_comments\"><BR> +\n"; print "VALUE=\"$comments\">$comments<BR>\n"; } else { if ($query->param('new_name')) { print "Name: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_name\" "; print "VALUE=\"", $query->param('new_name'), "\"><BR>\n"; print "Email: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_email\" "; print "VALUE=\"", $query->param('new_email'), "\"><BR>\n"; print "Comments: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_comments\" + "; print "VALUE=\"", $query->param('new_comments'), "\"><BR>\n +"; } else { print "Name: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_name\" "; print "VALUE=\"", $query->param('name'), "\"><BR>\n"; print "Email: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_email\" "; print "VALUE=\"", $query->param('email'), "\"><BR>\n"; print "Comments: <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"new_comments\" + "; print "VALUE=\"", $query->param('comments'), "\"><BR>\n"; } } } print "<INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" NAME=\"name\" "; print "VALUE=\"" . $query->param('name') . "\">\n"; print "<INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" NAME=\"email\" "; print "VALUE=\"" . $query->param('email') . "\">\n"; print "<INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" NAME=\"comments\" "; print "VALUE=\"" . $query->param('comments') . "\">\n"; print "<INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" VALUE=\"submit\">\n"; print "</FORM>\n</P>\n"; sub valid_form { $return_code = 1; if (!$query->param('new_name')) { print "You must enter a name.<BR>\n"; $return_code = 0; } if (!$query->param('new_email')) { print "You must enter an email address.<BR>\n"; $return_code = 0; } if (!$query->param('comments')) { print "You must enter some comments.<BR>\n"; $return_code =0; } return $return_code; sub print_record_list { open (GUESTS, "> $guest_file") or die "Can't open guest file: $!"; while (<GUESTS>) { chomp; ($name, $email, $comments) = split ('\|\|'); print "<P>\n"; print "<FORM>\n"; print "Name: $name<BR>\n"; print "Email: $email<BR>\n"; print "Comments: $comments<BR>\n"; print "<INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" NAME=\"name\" VALUE=\"$name\">\n"; print "<INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" NAME=\"email\" VALUE=\"$email\">\n +"; print "<INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" NAME=\"comments\" VALUE=\"$comment +s\">\n"; print "<INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" VALUE=\"Edit this entry\">\n"; print "</FORM>\n"; print "</P>\n"; } } sub print_page_end { print "</BODY>\n</HTML>\n"; } }

In reply to problems editing a flat-file by Anonymous Monk

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