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Whoa, modifying and matching the same string? That can get tricky :) You appear to collapse whitespace ( "REM SSS" becomes "REMSSS" )

Here is a familiar pattern I've used before, jazzed up with perlfaq6#What good is \G in a regular expression?

#!/usr/bin/perl -- use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dump; Main( @ARGV ); exit( 0 ); sub Main { my $pp = q{ (S= ( (I1= (IN=s%1) (NM=1) (HL=(HLD=kkk kjkjk) (ST=abdc) (HI=REM SSS) (H_M=9) (HL=72) (EB=0) (ER=0) (HI=E043-93A-DF0-0AB63E) (PE=aaa) (HN=DEE) (SS=NS) (SED= ( APR=(PAD=kkk) (PN=9905) (HH=llkjk) ) (DD=(LLL=kkk)) ) ) (ppp=1) (RAW=kkk) (DN=kkk) (RIN=ppp) ) (PPP=1) (AA=LLI) )}; dd blahs2aoa(""); dd blahs2aoa( $pp ); } #~ What good is \G in a regular expression? #~\G-in-a-regular- +expression%3f sub blahs2aoa { my $curr_stack = my $root = [] ; my $prev_stack; local $_ = $_[0]; pos = 0; while( length > pos ){ m/\G\s++/gcx and next; m/\G\s++/gcx and next; # ignore space "greedily" # ignore space without backtracki +ng # Match 1 or more times and give +nothing back # ?? ignore space while ratchetin +g # ?? ratchet and ignore space m/\G=/gcx and next; # ignore equals m/\G\(/gcx and do { # open push @$curr_stack, [] ; push @$prev_stack, $curr_stack; $curr_stack = $$curr_stack[-1]; next; }; m/\G\)/gcx and do { # close if( @$prev_stack ){ $curr_stack = pop @$prev_stack; } else { warn join ' ', "error extra ) close at pos ", pos, "\n +"; } next; }; m/\G([^\(\)=]++)/gcx and do { # key or value push @$curr_stack, $1; next; }; } if( $prev_stack and @$prev_stack ){ warn "Trouble!\nprev_stack ", int @$prev_stack , "\n", 'curr_stack ', int @$curr_stack , "\n", Data::Dump::pp({ prev => $prev_stack, curr => $curr_stack }), +"\n"; } return $root; } __END__ [] [ [ "S", ["SN", ""], [ "I1", ["IN", "s%1"], ["NM", 1], [ "HL", ["HLD", "kkk kjkjk"], ["ST", "abdc"], ["HI", "REM SSS"], ["H_M", 9], ["HL", 72], ["EB", 0], ["ER", 0], ["HI", "E043-93A-DF0-0AB63E"], ["PE", "aaa"], ["HN", "DEE"], ["SS", "NS"], [ "SED", ["APR", ["PAD", "kkk"], ["PN", 9905], ["HH", "llkjk"]], ["DD", ["LLL", "kkk"]], ], ], ["ppp", 1], ["RAW", "kkk"], ["DN", "kkk"], ["RIN", "ppp"], ], ["PPP", 1], ["AA", "LLI"], ], ]

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