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I am using activestate's version of perl, I did a ppm install of PerLDAP, and perl-ldap. When I try to run an ldap query, I get a popup error of: The dynamic link library NSLDAPSSL32V30.dll could not be found in the specified path.... "/path info goes here", I did a search on the box and can't find that dll. Did I need to download it from somewhere else and add it?

PerLDAP is notoriously broken. I suspect you'll have better luck (and get better support from the Perl community) using Net::LDAP (ppm install Net-LDAP)

That being said, if you still insist on using PerLDAP, you will first need to install Mozilla (PerLDAP being a Perl interface to Netscape's LDAP implementation). That should provide the missing DLL.

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Re: Re: Problem: activestate ldap dll "could not be found"
by IDStewart (Acolyte) on Jul 31, 2001 at 18:08 UTC
    Just wanted to follow up on this.

    Looks like a spoke too soon. Apparently, the LDAP implementation is distributed as a seperate product called Netscape Directory.

    Hope I didn't steer too many folks astray...