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Hi, I just read [id://20361|How would I replace the string 'Red1' with $Red1?]
But I still can't figure this out. Here's the code:
$n = 0; $html_file_slurped_to_a_scalar =~ s/<img .*?>/«TOKEN_$n++»/gis;
This turns all img links into «TOKEN_0++»; $n interpolotes but doesn't increment.
If I add the /e modifier, the complier chokes when it tries to evaulate «
Unrecognized character \xAB at /path/foo line 25.
Maybe I'm trying to do too much but I'd like to avoid the following loop if I can:

evaluate $html_file_slurped_to_a_scalar
change the first image tag to «TOKEN_$n»
increment $n

Any suggestions?

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Re: How can I increment a var in a substitution?
by suaveant (Parson) on Aug 09, 2001 at 23:11 UTC
    the e modifier means evaluate right side of substitution as perl code... so you need /'<<TOKEN_'.$n++.'>>'/ to make it into perl code that makes the string you want to substitute... you could also do...
    $html_file_slurped_to_a_scalar =~ s/<img .*?>/«TOKEN_${\($n++)}»/gis;
    which is a little trick to put code into an interpolated string

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