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So, i tried out downloading the files in various ways from these links:


Notably different browsers and sources resulted not only in different sizes, but also different filenames. The platform used for all cases is Windows 7. The results are as follows:

Browser CPAN Name CPAN Size BPAN Name BPAN Size
wget Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz 123288 Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz 123288
Internet Explorer 10 Text-CSV_XS-1.01.gz 123298 (+10) Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tar 123288
Opera 12 Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz 123288 Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz 123288
Firefox 24 Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz 123298 (+10) Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz 123288

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Re^2: Living on the edge
by syphilis (Archbishop) on Oct 10, 2013 at 03:35 UTC
    The platform used for all cases is Windows 7

    You don't have to be on Windows to be bitten by this browser mismanagement.
    Iceweasel on Debian wheezy and Firefox on Ubuntu-12.04LTS also throw in the extra 10 bytes when downloading Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz from CPAN.

    (Sorry - I don't know the version numbers of those 2 browsers - and couldn't quickly find out how to get them.)