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How do I change the INC path? Or do I create the /root/perl5 folders, and chmod 755
You mention earlier that "The Fedora installation does set PERL5LIB to /root/perl5", to which I would reply, no it doesn't, not by default. what I suspect you are doing is being logged in as root, and in root's /root/.bashrc or similar, it sets PERL5LIB to $HOME/perl5. Then you are doing su user rather than su - user, and so inheriting root's environment. Note that /root is the root user's home directory; a non-root user should *not* be accessing anything under /root.

So in summary, your PERL5LIB environment variable shouldn't be set; find out how its being set, and stop it.


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Re^5: perl lost its modules!
by seandarcy (Initiate) on Apr 02, 2014 at 14:24 UTC

    Absolutely right. You are the winner. This is a remote server I'm using for video encoding. For various odd reasons it's necessary to ssh in as root, and then su. If I su - user all works.

    We've done this for years. It was only with the upgrade to Fedora 20 (and perl-5.16 -> perl-5.18) did we have the problem.

    Thanks for all the help. I'd never have figured this out on my own.