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Yes, that should work, but --- Beware! Thar' be monsters there!!!

Keeping a separate directory (or dir tree) for scripts has many merits... (including giving you a place for smallish data files that you don't want commingled with the distro) and with the path to the executable established (see my earlier but now following response), one can run the scripts from their own directory ... or from the C:\ prompt using a fully qualified path to the script, for example:

C:\>dir d:\_Perl_\PMonks\11*.pl Directory of d:\_Perl_\PMonks ...10/09/2014 08:44 AM 504 10/15/2014 06:23 PM 789 ... C:\>D:\_Perl_\PMonks\ foo using shift and the CLI argument, 'foo' shift method: foo Enter one arg for shift method: bar (at_foo and @_ method) argument is: bar C:\>

Yes, this is an ActiveState install, but it still applies to OP's problem and the parent node's suggestion

++$anecdote ne $data