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See perlbrew or, if on Windows, berrybrew. Their respective manuals instruct how to switch between versions.

Edit - although berrybrew can only provide versions for which Strawberry Perl was released.

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Re^2: How install multiple version of perl
by haukex (Bishop) on Mar 31, 2020 at 07:20 UTC

      That's correct. My, perhaps out of date, understanding was that the original repo was still used. It has commits on master up to v1.30, and the installer link points to stevieb's repo. stevieb can of course advise.

        My repo is the authoritative source of berrybrew now. The dnmfarrell repo was the original. It only gets updated after a major version bump.

        v1.30 is the official currently released version. I'm currently working on v1.31 which is near-release. It's a release that will have no major functionality added, it's a release for me to get much better testing in place, and I've added the full ability for the return of return codes (per a request).

        In both versions, there are slight UI issues that can arise, but they will be fixed before 1.31 is put out. The UI was just a simple idea I had, and wasn't meant to be even created, but as I got going, I liked it, and it stayed.

Re^2: How install multiple version of perl
by maria80e (Novice) on Mar 31, 2020 at 09:36 UTC
    But I AM using Active Perl
      As of berrybrew v1.26 (and newer), you can use berrybrew virtual to register an Active State installation to be controllable by berrybrew as well.

        Thanks. I'd forgotten about the recent work to support other perls.

        The OP noted a range from 5.6 to 5.24. I assume they still have the installers, as ActiveState stopped distributing the full set to the general public some time ago.

        edit - And I guess a follow-up question is whether berrybrew can handle more than one AS perl?

      If you are working with Perl on Windows, make life easier on yourself and switch to Strawberry.

      What's preventing you from switching?