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I had to look up what an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) was.
Your post doesn't have any clear cut thing that I can respond to in a Perl sense.
However, you appear to be asking about batch provisioning some kind of telecom device.
I would start with a google search on "huawei ont api".
I suspect that there is an efficient way to configure 1,000 of these things in one batch.

The first google hit I got claims: "Huawei-Ont-Provisioning. Python3 script for mass provisioning ont for huawei olt using telnet."

Look for an API when trying to access a huge site
An API will work far better than trying to automate a thousand user sessions.

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Re^2: Automate a http task (tokens included)
by Perlbotics (Bishop) on May 15, 2020 at 10:56 UTC

    Look for an API when trying to access a huge site
    I would agree, but what is quite common in this (telco-)area is
    • proprietary and undocumented APIs
    • batch APIs are file based
    • unclean separation of concerns, i.e. part of the business logic is running in the browser (JS or even ActiveX)
    Under these circumstances, automating the GUI is less awkward than paying some 100k or doing reverse-engineering in a grey zone.

      Since it's Huawei there's likely another way to get in a do stuff :P

      I used to work for a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) provider. There were in the day (and even better now) tools to configure thousands of end user terminals in a batch way.