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I hope that we all can agree that when it comes to style issues, we should each be consistent. When one of these issues arises, we should form a standard which we are comfortable with and always use it.

In this case, I like the standard suggested by eyepopslikeamosquito. For my own use, I have added another rule. "No map or grep block should produce any side effects."

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by alexander_lunev (Pilgrim) on Dec 27, 2020 at 18:08 UTC

    With all my respect, I can't agree with you about coding standards while we lending a helping hand to person in search of wisdom. I'll try to explain it more thoroughly. Here's a quote from Wikipedia:

    Coding conventions are only applicable to the human maintainers and peer reviewers of a software project. Conventions may be formalized in a documented set of rules that an entire team or company follows, or may be as informal as the habitual coding practices of an individual.

    I will not dispute about having coding conventions and standards in a team or in a company. It is perfectly clear that coding style should be consistent - in a team! But we're talking here about ideas, about ways to solve some problem. Everyone could write in a style that in his opinion is right, I don't see problems here. But to say "We in our team using this coding standard, and so should you" - do you think it's relevant?

    Once again - it's aesthetical dispute, not technical. It's good to know about worries of context when using map, but there are no technical reasons to resolve this question to one or another side of dispute. And there is a humanitarian side of this question: should we give people freedom with full undestanding that freedom can also lead to some bad things, or should we limit the freedom to protect people? I'm for the first part.

    I don't want to wage a holy war here. You think map in void context is bad? I'm ok with that. You can use it how you want it. What really matters is - hear this - exchange of ideas. Author of original post wrote to me that he found helpful idea of using map with precalculated @sum_fields from my example - and I'm happy with that. We're not all geniuses here, and sometimes a simple advice can save a person's time - the most valuable resource in human life. Aren't we all should try to help each other - for this purpose, for time saving? Think of it: in the end, at the death's door, what would be more precious for you: that you promoted coding standard that you think is right, or that you helped someone to save minutes of his life?

    And yes, when we're coding as a team, coding conventios is perfectly legal.

      I think that we actually do agree. I never intended to infer anything about a level of formality. I certainly do not have any written standards for myself. I do try to form the habit of doing the same task the same way. The larger the team, the more formality is required. In all cases, standards are primarily for the benefit of the maintenance programmer. If experience proves otherwise, they probably should be revised or abandoned. Standards are not meant to be a straightjacket. Sometimes exceptions are appropriate. Document the reason.