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Hey u65, just a pointer... if you want to reference a post (in this case your own), the canonical (and proper) way to do it is simply grab the id of the post, and tag it like this: [id://1148186]. This produces: Re: sorted HoA, now what?.

You can change the name of the link by using the | (pipe) separator: [id://1148186|this post], and it'll appear like: this post.

Using this kind of linking allows monks to click on it without being taken to the site and being (potentially) logged out of PM. Having clickable access to nodes is a very desired effect ;)

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Re^5: sorted HoA, now what?
by u65 (Chaplain) on Nov 20, 2015 at 23:39 UTC

    Thanks, stevieb!

    BTW, my wife and I visited the Banff National Park area last year and had a great time--beautiful country!.


      Because of my travels of the mountains (I took a half-year off of work last year to explore), people call me a 'travel guide'. I'm honoured by the suggestion, but I'm no Ben Gadd ;)

      I'm slowly desiring to go back home to where my family is (Toronto, ON, Canada), but its a sore spot leaving the mountains.

      If you take another trip up this way, msg me first. I'll show you the good spots ;)