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Hello Discipulus. I also have the same concern as the original poster, and I can tell you why I dont want to use the msi. Our tiny company has its employees connected via a simple Cloud drive (in this case, I want to install Strawberry into the folder storage and am hoping that - presto! - my employees now all have access to it. I realize that their Windows paths (on their pc's) will not be updated, etc. - but that is no problem (I think) because the perl scripts will be called from other (master) software that they are already using. So I am planning to just have that master software itself know the correct path to perl. Will this work? Thanks! Dean

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Re^3: Strawberry Perl Manual Install
by Mr. Muskrat (Canon) on Feb 02, 2016 at 22:45 UTC

    I don't understand why your approach of storing the file on a file share wouldn't work with the MSI install. Is it a limitation of the MSI installer or your cloud drive host?

      if there are two options like msi installed and portable perl I, personally, choose everytime the portable one. If it is designed to be portable it is suitable for network share usage too. I work with a Strawberry portable in a share since years without any problem.


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      Hi Mr. Muskrat. You are correct - it *DID* work! I installed Strawberry via the MSI to our cloud shared folder, then edited the path to perl inside our master software to point to that shared location. I then hopped onto an employee computer which has access to that folder, the software invokes perl just fine. Amazing! Instant access to perl for our all employees, by installing it in one place. I wrongly thought this would be very painful. Thanks for giving me the courage to try it...