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Thanks, that is confirmed as a new record. I see six howlers posted on Mon Mar 26 2018:

which makes Tue Mar 27 2018 the only confirmed date where all four categories (Day, Week, Month, Year) of worst nodes were held by the same perl monk. Further complicating this Guinness Book of Perl Monks Records, accidental anonymous posts occasionally self-sabotage record-setting attempts.

Update: here are some of the recent suspicious "anonymous" posts:

Surprise new tactic: post anonymously, then defend anonymous posts as sundial! See also: Re^3: [SOLVED]: Trying to understand method calling in OOP.

Update: and some older ones:

Update: He's done it again, all worst nodes of the day, week, month, year on May 22 2018. Given there are currently no shocker blocker posts by others, he might continue to dominate all categories ad nauseam.

Update: After sensationally resigning from Perl monks (My last post on PerlMonks ...) on July 24 2018, it was suggested he may have returned as TheloniusMonk (however, examining the content of TheloniusMonk's posts indicates to me that he is not sundial).

Update Oct 2019: sundial is back after making his last post on 24 July 2018. After a break of nearly a year, he returned on 29 May 2019. He's made 8 official posts between 29 May 2019-26 Oct 2019 (plus a couple of suspicious anonymous posts).

And the suspicious anonymous posts seem to be increasing.

Curiously, in Perl Unpack Cobol Binary File and Fields (May 04 2020), after making six anon replies, he switches to posting as SunnyD.

Back to posting anonymously...sigh...

See also: Re^2: Problem in RAM usage while threading the program

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Re^7: -175 := +127 Thank you all! (Worst Nodes)
by eyepopslikeamosquito (Bishop) on Apr 01, 2018 at 22:18 UTC

        You're right. Wow, I see sundialsvc4 leads you 2-0 in centurian nodes. :)