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This is a good question, and seems like the smart thing to do. I'll raise the issue. Even if they didn't it sounds like the redirect will cater for this, but where possible it'd make a lot of sense to alter the code here for [mod://] to do the same as [metamod://].

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by Veltro (Hermit) on May 17, 2018 at 19:28 UTC

    With so many good Perl programmers here...

    Can Perlmonks not provide an extract of all the links in every post ever made?

    Turn it into some kind of Hackathon, best algorithm that can replace all links to the new site wins 1000 experience points :P

      I'm pretty sure that they're only converted from the short cuts ([mod://]) on page render, so when the code changes, they'll all go to the right place.

        Quite right but only where the shortcuts were used. Some users use, or have used, raw anchor tags or the full URL in brackets.