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Thanks for the work.

A quibble though I do have: given something like "0,30 6 * * *", all the execution times ought to be listed for a date without the need of "howmany" (-n) option.

You may be interested in Crab, written in Python, which provides a web browser interface to list cron jobs, control, view logs, etc. with hooks in crontab(5).

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Re^2: -- cron next appointments
by soonix (Abbot) on Nov 28, 2018 at 16:36 UTC
    In principle yes, but what about "0,15,30,45 * * * *" or "0/5 * * * *"

    Perhaps the default could be "a screenpage full", but that also should depend on how many other events would be listed …

    can of worms :-)

      I personally do want to see all the jobs for the day (regardless of visual space constraints). The cat crontab.txt | perl [-n 3] output seem odd to me for 21 * * * * job would be running many times over before the next one listed with time of 0,30 6 * * *.

      In any case, sooner or later I am bound to change the original to list every single event time from the current time for rest of the current day (default; or, any other date via option).

        Rethinking .... No, that default is horrendous! Above mentioned default behavior should be available via another option.

        Default mode should show the the event & the first time it was ran and/or will run next for the day (undecided); along with explanation of the time/frequency (as in "once a day at x:y pm" or "4/day every 5 hours", etc.).