Greetings, fellow Monks!

This is my second Obfuscated Perl attempt. My first Obfuscated Perl Attempt was not too terribly obfuscated. My hopes are that this is a bit more challenging to work through.

sub _{'h'};%_=('p');@_=qw(a);$_='j';$;=\*_; print ${*${;}},@{*${;}},%{*${;}},&{*${;}};

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Re: Obfuscated Glob
by RMGir (Prior) on Aug 21, 2002 at 16:47 UTC
    Wow, that's kind of cool. It's useful as an intro to typeglobs, too...

    Maybe I like it because I've finally found a JAPH I was able to decode by inspection :)


    Basically, this sets up sub _, %_, @_, and $_ to point to letters 'h', 'p', 'a', and 'j'. %_ actually maps 'p'=>undef.

    $; is then set to a reference to *_, the typeglob for all things named _.

    The print line then prints the results of dereferencing that typeglob reference as a scalar ('j'), an array ('a'), a hash ('p' and undef, which is printed as just 'p'), and a subroutine, 'h'.

    Very cool...