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   i'm not attatched to my username ... if someone would 
   like to tell me how to remove the wuitespace i will

   hell, i'd change the whole username if i knew how
   i signed up for an account the first time i saw 
   perlmonks ...

   i didn't know that i'd like it here  *grin*
   i picked the first stupid thing i could think of... 

   Buckaroo: from "the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai 
                                in the Fifth Dimension"
   Buddha:   from "Da Chemical Buddha" which was my 
                  username in my kR4d 3733t d00d days ;)

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RE: RE: Erraticate usernames with white space
by ase (Monk) on Jul 01, 2000 at 12:13 UTC
    FWIW, I think "Buckaroo Buddha" is one of the most fitting usernames here and hope you don't change it. When I joined, all I could think of was my initials ase which, luckily has the redeeming quality of being the same when rotated 3.1415926 radians about the Z-axis.