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Such silly choices that I am not voting on it.
Everyone who votes for this option, (myself included) can not be telling the truth. They did indeed vote on this poll. They did not not vote on it. (Pardon the double negative).


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(OT)Re: This poll has:
by jynx (Priest) on Jan 03, 2003 at 20:30 UTC
    Hmm, not that it relates in any way, but i'm reminded of this...
    • Do you think Death could possibly be a boat?
    • No, no, no . . . Death is . . . not. Death isn't. You take my meaning. Death is the ultimate negative. Not-being. You can't not-be on a boat.
    • I've frequently not been on boats.
    • No, no, no -- what you've been is not on boats.
    Excerpt taken from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard.