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Also, due to a bug in Pod::POM, Begin nodes/commands aren't being handled correctly, so what you really want view_begin to look like is
sub view_begin { my ($self, $begin) = @_; return '' unless $begin->format() =~ /\bhtml\b/; require Pod::POM::View::Text; return Pod::POM::View::Text->new($begin)->print; }
That way =begin html <b>bolden</b> does indeed show up as bolden and not as <b>bolden</b>

Since the above approach is theoretically flawed, you could try

sub view_begin { my ($self, $begin) = @_; return '' unless $begin->format() =~ /\bhtml\b/; my $output = $begin->content->present($self); for($output){ s/&amp;/&/gi; s/&quot;/\"/gi; s/&gt;/>/gi; s/&lt;/</gi; } return $output; }
but that one's not that much better either ;) I'm currently working on fixing this in Pod::POM

update: s/=for/=begin/;#D LOL

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Re: Re: POD-Browser 0.01 released.
by gmpassos (Priest) on May 02, 2003 at 19:30 UTC
    Pod::POM has another bug, where a =item without title crash the parser:
    =head1 TITLE bla bla bla =item bla bla bla

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