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Blue first "came to the light" of Perl when he was doing SA work, and now swears by it for any job up to and including spackling his cat. (Don't try this at home, folks.)

He currently lives and works in New Jersey, US, which isn't nearly so bad as everyone else makes it out to be.

Besides the glories of perl, Blue enjoys reading (SF & fantasy), writing (poetry & fiction), role-playing games, and his hobby of the month, which he throws himself at with much gusto before becoming bored. He is re-contructing a home page, but his current ISP does not allow CGI, so if you would let him run a few perl programs off your server he'd be very happy. {grin} When not working, Blue prefers to get at least four hours of sleep per day cycle, marking him as a freak in the technological community.

Several people have asked about my .sig, " might be eaten by a grue...". It's from the old Infocom text adventure games, such as Zork. A Grue was a fearsome creature that lurked in the dark. If you wandered around in the dark, you would get messages that "You might be eaten by a Grue." And if you continued, you would be. Any allegory to wandering around in the darkness without searching from (en)light(ement) is your own darn fault. 8)

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they differ." I don't know the author (and a google search didn't turn one up, either), but I find this definitely true.

I have an interest in intentional communities, and believe that a noticable chunk of my contributions to PM are of that nature, especially dealing with our growing pains as we expand rapidly. I do not consider myself a perl adept, I just revel in it and use it where I can. This place has helped me grow in that way, and I hope I bring that back to the community.

PM's unofficial mascot, Scary Monk. He's cute, cuddly, and pulls weeds so that the carrots and cabbages have a chance to grow.

I am humbled by turnstep's home node, and suggest that you visit there next. Really. Right now. I'm not making this up.

Monk-Map Enabled: Lat 040.52.20, Long -074.14.01

@_=(4,-16,17,-12.4,9,-13.17,-8.14,8,-19.4,0,18,14,-20.17,5,6,11 ,-7.19,10,2,3,1,-15.7);do{($=,$-)=(@_[$_]>=0?(-@_[$_],$_):split /\./,@_[$_]);$$[-$=]=pack q#C#,$-+=65;}foreach(0..$#_);print@$;

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