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I doubt it - as far as I have seen, this community is unique in its setup. Perhaps you could start one - looks like "" might be free...and I think you can get the site code here

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Re^2: Monks, C/C++ edition?
by davido (Cardinal) on Sep 07, 2004 at 15:43 UTC

    Not that anyone would develop quite the same passion for C/C++, but that aside, perhaps some other theme ought to be employed; we can't all be monks.


    • The C Cowboy Corral: sections include "Dude Ranch Discussion", "Seekers of C Cowboy Wisdom", "Cowboy Poetry", "OK Corral Code", "A Cowpoke's Clever Uses for C", "Gunslingers and Desparados (Obfuscation)" and so on...
    • Mariner's C/C++ Cove: sections include, "Port Operations and Discussion", "Seekers of the Wisdom of the C", "Navigable Waterway Tutorials", "The Ship's Log of Code", and so on...(A pirate idiom might be reserved for the C# sites.)
    • The Drag Strip C: Sections include, "Dragstrip Discussion", "Ask the Mechanics", "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (code catacombs)", "Drag strip map (Tutorials)", "The Yellow Flag! (obfuscation)", "The Nitrus Funny Car Event (Cool uses)", "Winners Circle (daily best)", and so on...
    • Betty C's Kitchen: Sections include, "Kitchen Chatter", "Recipie Guidance", "The Pantry (meditations)", "Diningroom Table (Code)", "The Blender (Obfuscation)", etc.


      I was considering C Monks or similar name with a logo of sea monkeys. The rest of the links would make primate references.

      I wasn't aware this was asked before. But, since it has then perhaps some people would be interested, if for nothing else but to study C/C++ for use within, above, or even below Perl.

      Besides, all the other forums for this subject matter are either platform specialized, pay sites, and/or geared towards a specific knowledge level. I respect that Perlmonks has become a knowledge base of users from all knowledge levels and people are willing to share it. It would be great to see the same enthusiasm applied to other aspects of the art of coding.