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It solves an actual problem, but the problem wasn't very difficult to solve. So it hardly does anything while being very useful in my little script. Is it useful enough to merit a CPAN upload (after adding POD and tests obviously)?

Why not, assuming that there isn't something exactly like it that you were previously unaware of.

And it doesn't sound so simple. Somebody who doesn't know how to use OLE would have to read up on how to do what you're doing. By sharing your module, you save somebody a lot of time.

I've uploaded some painfully simple modules to CPAN on the basis that I kept writing the same stupid little subroutines to do the same things, and figured it was worth it.

MSWord might be a better namespace than Word. You might try MSWord::Writer::Lite.

I would ask around on various forums as to namespace suggestions before uploading it though.

At first I thought RTF would be the right choice for this , but that just ended up being messy, and I didn't have time to get to know the RTF format.

RTF isn't so hard to learn, and has various advantages over Word.

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