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I agree - it will probably be best to accept the project just as any other shrink wrapped system we buy.

I is a terrible shame though that all the effort that has gone into this project has ended with such a poor result. If it had been done according to 'proper' software engineering methods, it could have been augmented with you referrer-scanning logic and my additions.

It does make the program less useful because you and I have had to do something else, and thus we have had to spread our tuits. The program could have saved us valuable time for something vital (like playing with the dogs) instead of having to do something that has beeen done many times already. If the implementation is 'nice' (from an engineering point of view) it adds considerable value. OK: it does as advertised, but extra value can be had if it is possible to reuse parts of it in new and unforseen ways. I think that perl (and Perl) is a good example of this.

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