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How about a wiki implementation?

You can use flat text files.
You can edit the files from anywhere.
It can maintain a history of changes.
You can script changes and updates.
There are Perl versions available.
Most you can password protect Read/write if you want.
The syntax is really easy for those not too technical.
Some come with file upload featured via Post methods.

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Re^2: Perl based Content Management System
by santander (Acolyte) on Dec 14, 2004 at 11:39 UTC
    I try to describe the CMS I present myself: it works with flat text files, something like this: each html page which need to be edited, contains a special mark (<-- >)which defines where the editing starts and where end. These marks unrecognizible by browser, but recognizible by CMS script. When I select page which i want edit, script will search this marks and open window where i edit flat text files.