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Thank you for pointing out the problem in the data section.

As for the inconsistency, there is not one because I am saying that \d+\.\d+ is a floating point number but that \d+\.\d+\. is not.

I agree that this will cause some version numbering schemes not to work, or for floating point numbers not to work if followed by a decimal number. But then if it was easy I would not need to post to perlmonks would I.

-- gam3
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Re^3: Alpha number sort (two truer to spec)
by tye (Sage) on Mar 26, 2005 at 00:01 UTC

    Ah. It appears that everyone (including me) missed this.

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my @list= <DATA>; my @sorted= @list[ map { unpack "N", substr($_,-4) } sort map { my $key= $list[$_]; $key =~ s[((?<!\.)(\d+)\.\d+(?!\.)|\d+)][ my $len= length( defined($2) ? $2 : $1 ); pack( "N", $len ) . $1 . ' '; ]ge; $key . pack "N", $_ } 0..$#list ]; print @sorted; __END__ a1.5 a1.5b a1.55 a1.55b a1.6 a1.6b linux-2.4.28.tar linux-2.4.29.tar linux-2.4.29a.tar linux-2.4.3.tar linux-2.10.6.tar linux-2.10.50.tar


    a1.5 a1.5b a1.55 a1.55b a1.6 a1.6b linux-2.4.3.tar linux-2.4.28.tar linux-2.4.29.tar linux-2.4.29a.tar linux-2.10.6.tar linux-2.10.50.tar

    Update: Third-time lucky. The original regexes are below in HTML comments.

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      The regex still had one bug: you need a \d in the backtrace to keep it from matching 2.11. on 2.1/1.
      I would never have thought of using s///g in place of my while loop.
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