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Ya like the MSCE means something. Or how bout BS degree's that means they studied on outdated technology. I guess I just have a real deep rejection of this approach. If computers had been around before me and this type of system was in place, I may never have been able to qualify to work in this field. Yet more often then not, I find I'm helping those who supposedly have expirience and education in this business. I also have serious concerns over who would have the authority to decide when to pull a license.

Personally I really like some of the T-Shits they were selling in Monterey that simply said "Got Source?".

When push comes to shove source code speaks louder than credentials.


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(tye)Re3: Why, not How
by tye (Sage) on Dec 14, 2000 at 03:05 UTC

    No, an MSCE doesn't mean anything. It is a marketing gimmick. Nor is a BS much like a license.

    And, again, I'm not saying you should need a license in order to work.

    And I'm not even saying that licensed programmers will be the best programmers. I'm saying that they will be required to be trained on the issues that always get pushed aside in software development like risk management and security. And they will be held accountable. There will always be very talented programmers who produce great code, with or without a license.

    As to pulling a license, that would be handled as it has been handled in other engineering areas for years. It isn't a simple thing.

            - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")

      In the words of the immortal Emily Latella, "Well then, that's different!":)

      I'm still dubious (pathologically paranoid), but I guess I need to leave the mind open a little bit more to the concept at least if it comes accross my path.