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Writing to a fifo should be no problem. For the application, it's like writing to a ordinary file. But the log rotation is a good point. There you should be carefull indeed.


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Re^3: removing lines from a file
by ministry (Scribe) on Jun 23, 2005 at 14:27 UTC
    The FIFO idea seems to be the best solution for me here. I can point my application to write to a FIFO pipe, and just disregard all lines I would have previously tried to remove. As far as the log rotation; it seems as though it would be as simple as a 'real-time' rotation. Meaning I would base the logfile output on the time/date stamp prefixing each of the incoming lines. Then create new files on the fly based on those metrics. Would an idea like this be the best solution for my problem?

    cheers, Ev

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