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I'm surprised Spider::Man doesn't exist yet.

Which leads me down twisty path to...

Dame::Edna would be (is?) a hoot. How about Fantastic::Four? There's a whole library/namespace for Sin::City. XMen::Wolverine and XMen::Mystique?

On another tack, Homework::Procrastination seems like an easy module to write, though it will never be used. What about Test::Homework to analyze the parse tree and compare it to previously known or suspected samples of homework? Homework::Bootstrapper which requires a SOPW node number, and grabs the code from the highest XP node, creates a local module out of it, and uses it?

Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of

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Re^2: Humorous Module Ideas
by jcoxen (Deacon) on Sep 29, 2005 at 21:05 UTC
    With apologies to Snoopy...

    Wouldn't that make it a SOPWith::Camel?