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In GrandFather's code there did appear this:

my ($x_ppem, $y_ppem, $ascender, $descender, $width, $height, $max_a +dvance) = $overL->QueryFontMetrics ( pointsize => $points, text => "$overText", '@C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/times.ttf', # Omit for default font );

In order to enhance portability I would suggest a mild wrapper around the font -finding parameter (untested as of this posting):

my $mswinpath; my $fontpath = ($mswinpath = $ENV{SYSTEMDIR} || $ENV{WINDIR}) ? q[@]. $mswinpath .q[/Fonts/times.ttf] : q[times]; $fontpath =~ tr:\\:/:s; my ($x_ppem, $y_ppem, $ascender, $descender, $width, $height, $max_a +dvance) = $overL->QueryFontMetrics ( pointsize => $points, text => "$overText", $fontpath );

I'm not certain that 'times' is a valid font specifier on X11 (*nix) systems, but I suspect that it will work fairly widely.