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Given the dumps you've provided us with, it appears that the problem isn't with your code, but with the server you are connecting to. Have you tried connecting to the server, on both ports, using the normal client?

In general, when you are given an error message, you should assume the error message is actually correct until you have proven otherwise very well. Perhaps the selected hunt group really is busy?

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Re^2: Can't connect to telnet server problems
by kampret77 (Initiate) on Oct 11, 2005 at 13:25 UTC
    First time i thought that something wrong with the server. But maybe i am not clear when explaining the problem upstair.

    I have tried to connect the two different ports using telnet (debian distro) and i can log in using both port (portA and portB).

    But when trying to use perl module i can't connect to the server in one of the port (portB = 10012).

    So i try to use different way, i use phyton and write a small code, and it looks working, i get the login and password prompt when trying connecting to portB (10012).

    btw thx for replaying, i am still searching for the possibility and server mailfunction maybe also one of the posibities (thx for advice) . And i open for any suggestion, maybe another debug method to try etc, etc .

    sincerely yours.