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Ignore this if you're not interested in totally biased egocentric crap!

Ok, my general Idea of 'making the best of it' :

The one thing I'd like to know is how the brain works. I've read many books speculating on the amount of synapses per second a brain can calculate, what the brain does and how the pulses are sent.
This is NOT what I mean by 'how the brain works'.. I don't mean the 'hardware' part, I mean the 'software' part.
The meaning of life is undefined, unknown Some people claim they know what life is about or why people exist, but they're stating what they think. Not what is true. I'm not claiming to know it, nor am I saying that I'm happy with this ignorance. I want to know, but I'm afraid it's impossible to know.

Because I've admitted to myself that I do not know why I exist, I've decided to make the best of it. Since the brain sends out pulses, some of which make my feel 'happy', which is another undefined word and another reason I loathe our current form of communication.

Many of our views and ideas are formed because of prior experiences; Indoctrinated beliefs, thins you learned at school, taught by your parents, read in books, heard from others.
How was this done? With a form of language. Language is subject to being unclear. Language can be interpreted in too many ways to be a correct way of stating a definition. What I'm saying is that humanity, in it's entirety, is always wrong. Not in their mind, per se, but in their expressions. Which is why I like Ovid's meta-morality story, especially the fact he doesn't pretend to use words that mean something. Words are always empty and can only spark a meaning close to the one you intended with the other party.

Back to being 'happy'. I like being 'happy', again, I don't know how to define happy, or even 'like', because they're subjective terms. I just know I 'like' being 'happy'. It's a positive feeling. Positive feelings...stimulate me. So 'making the best of it' is like 'acquiring as much positive feelings' as I can.

It's not entirely egocentric, because sometimes someone else or a positive feeling of someone else gives me a positive feeling. This is called social interaction, and is just another way to get a 'positive feeling.' I still haven't been able to figure out why I crave for 'positive feelings' , or why others seem to do the same, but it must be part of how the brain works. Money seems to help getting 'positive feelings' in many ways I cannot even begin to explain. (I think I'll write a book sometime.) That's why acquiring money gives a 'positive feeling', because it is a means to get more of them.

Refer to the first phrase of this text if you think this stinks :). It's incomplete , but I'm out of time.

OH, one more thing..It's just been downvoted ; I know it's off-topic. It doesn't belong here, but the chatterbox character limit made me do it, really!

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by salvadors (Pilgrim) on Jan 07, 2001 at 19:11 UTC

    Words are always empty and can only spark a meaning close to the one you intended with the other party.

    I think you might find it quite interesting to read some Wittgenstein on this sort of thing. His writing style isn't particularly heavy (he liked to write in aphorisms), but the thought-style is!

    Or you could proceed straight to some of Derrida's work on <a href=">deconstructionism...

      Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm